Crossbody Casual Bag - Bag with A Wooden Handle

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  • designed to be worn on one side of the body with the strap looped over the opposite shoulder. That being said, you can wear it any way you like, including just throwing it over the shoulder, or carrying it from the wooden two handles. 
  • Provide comfort to those carrying bulky items while allowing easy access to the contents. Contemporary straps for crossbody bags help to prevent the bag from shifting while walking around. They can easily be swung around the front so that their contents can be accessed without having to remove the bag
  • It's perfect for running errands, social events, travel, and any scenario where you want to keep your essentials on you without being weighed down. Considering it can be worn day or night, this is a great style to stock up on in different shapes, colors, and textiles.
  • Made of Fabric and embroidered to add a stylish look. 

Approx. size: H 12" x W 14"